Diary of a Wild Child - Do it for the gram! Instagrammable Venue in Birmingham

Visit Birmingham’s Instagrammable venues & perfect that grid!

Dear diary,

Sometimes, you can’t beat a good old photo dump on Instagram full of all the adventures you’ve been up to recently. And I love living a life full of adventure, and better yet sharing it all over Instagram (hey, remember to follow me @luluwilduk for all the visual insights to Birmingham nightlife at Lulu’s in Brindley Place!)

Anyways, there’s nothing worse than not being able to get a good picture at a bar, is there? But don’t you worry guys, we’ve got a bunch of tips and tricks ready to save the day!

Did you know that Instagram has roughly one billion users around the world? That’s right! Instagram is an extremely popular social media site and is used in countless countries.

Because of this, it’s a great place to show off all the fun and wild times in your life! In fact, imagine growing your following by throwing an incredibly wild party and posting it to the gram. A party & an insta following growth – I mean talk about feeding 2 birds with 1 scone.  

If you’re interested in throwing the perfect party in some beautiful, instagrammable Birmingham venues, or if you’re just on the search for finding the right venue for your content, then this is for you. Keep reading, make your Instagram grid pop and maybe Lulu Wild could help you add more flavour to your photos! 

Lulu Wild Chinese Restaurant and Cocktail Bar Birmingham Instagrammable Venue Image of Downstairs Area

A Quick Overview of What Instagrammable Means

Before we dive into the big old question of how to make the most out of instagrammable venues, let’s clear things up and talk about what instagrammable really means. After all, if you’re trying to take some fabulous pictures of your wild adventures to add into your aesthetically pleasing grid, you’re going to need to know the definition of the word, aren’t you?


Welcome to Lulu’s fun fact of the day; instagrammable isn’t officially a word in the dictionary. I know, crazy right? Especially because we all spend most of our spare time scrolling through picture after picture, and you know that you can’t deny that! The word instagrammable is actually a slang term used colloquially about the popular social media site Instagram.


So I hear you ask, what does instagrammable actually mean then Lulu? Instagrammable simply means that a piece of content, such as a photo or a video, would receive a high number of likes and comments if posted on Instagram. Thus an instagrammable venue, is one that helps your content look its best.


Typically something is considered instagrammable if it is visually appealing and if it is unique. You’ll want to look for things that fit with current content trends, and that will make people stop and take a second look at your pictures. Sounds easy, right?


If you’re looking to take instagrammable photos, you may want to look at other pictures doing well on Instagram or you may want to find something completely WILD & out of the  ordinary. They could be at popular locations or have bright colour schemes. Just remember to do you and keep consistent! 

Lulu Wild Chinese Restaurant and Cocktail Bar Birmingham with Instagrmamable Venue Neon Sign that read "B*tch Better Have My Bunny"

How to Optimise Your Instagram Pics

Now that you know what instagrammable means let’s talk about a few tips and tricks to make the most of your photos and capture the best-looking venues in Birmingham. When you use these social media tips and tricks, your appealing pictures will reach more people! 


Use Hashtags

Lulu knows that sometimes hashtags can be hard to think of, or you’re worried about putting too many in your caption. But believe it or not, it deffo helps! One of the first ways to optimise your Instagram photos is by using Instagram hashtags. Hashtags are basically keywords that describe your images and that people will search for. When they search for those keywords, your images will appear.

You can use Instagram hashtag suggestions to help you choose the most relevant hashtags for your photos. Or, you can look up some of the most popular hashtags to be sure that you’re targeting searches that people are frequently conducting. When posting photos from instagrammable venues these are the current, most popular hashtags:

  • #Instagrammableplaces 
  • #instagrammablewalls
  • #instagrammablespot
  • #instagrammableplace
Edit Your Photos

We all love a good filter for a laugh, especially when we’re feeling rough, but they can actually come in handy for making your picture more popular! You should always edit your Instagram photos before posting them to social media. You don’t need to overdo it, but applying a cute filter or creating your own using Adobe Lightroom, and consistently using it, can help your photos look as good as possible as well as themed. 

You can also use your own Instagram editing apps. These are designed to help you create content that will stand out when posted on the Instagram platform.

However, finding the right instagrammable spot may just leave you not needing to edit! 

How to be Prepared for Your Instagram Shoot

Now that I’ve given you some of my secret tips and tricks for creating instagrammable content, you’re ready to grab your camera and take some photos. Here are a few ideas on how to make sure you’re prepared for your Instagram shoot.


For starters, make sure that you have an up-to-date phone with a good camera and good storage. If not, make sure to bring a memory stick or card so that you can take as many photos as you need.

Next, bring camera equipment such as phone tripods to get a photo that isn’t shaky. This makes sure your photos turn out well enough for you to post online. We all know what it’s like to have that friend who always takes blurry photos.. no thanks!


Once your equipment is ready to go, it’s time to choose the right location. You might want to google in advance nice spots to take photos. Look for places that are popular or that are trending on social media. This could include new restaurant openings, local attractions, and naturally beautiful areas. 

Remember, some of the best places to take pictures in Birmingham are hidden gems with unique concepts, like Brindley place. Keep your eyes peeled for things that stand out or that make you say “wow” so that you can get a great location.

Lulu Wild Chinese Restaurant Birmingham Upstairs Restaurant and Bar


There’s nothing worse than when your grid looks a bit hectic, so make sure to keep a consistent theme or colour. I might even give it a like, who knows! 

Does your Instagram have a particular topic? If so, make sure that the locations you chose and the photos you shoot cater to that particular topic. 

What’s more, the captions that you use on your posts should relate to your topic. For instance, if you run a foodies page, your captions and locations should be related to dining experiences in Birmingham. 

Content Trends

Finally, check out and keep up to date with content trends. You might want to pre-plan captions for any posts. This way, you can stay in line with your feed’s general theme. 

Be sure to do your research on what similar pages are doing. Check out what’s working for them, where they are visiting and what’s not so that you know how to snap some truly instagrammable content.

Instagrammable Places to Visit

It’s time to grab your camera and your tripod and get to work shooting Instagram content! To help you out, make sure that you’re visiting some instagrammable places in the area.  You can look for instagrammable food places in Birmingham, such as bakeries, dessert shops, and fine dining restaurants with food and drink options that will be sure to make your followers drool (and keep coming back for me). Look up the places beforehand to see what foods you’ll purchase and what will be most photogenic on your feed. I’m always prepared to give a recommendation if you’re unsure of what to have, I’m a big old foodie! Next, you’ll want to make sure the restaurants and venues you choose have instagrammable architecture and artwork on the walls. Look for spaces that have a good vibe, and that will really stand out from the crowd. Lulu Wild Chinese Restaurant and Cocktail Bar Birmingham Stencil of Lulu Wild on the Upstairs Wall Finally, check to see if your chosen venues have any events going on. You can often snap some extra special pics on holidays such as Christmas or weekly events such as Bottomless Brunches with live DJ sets. 

Throwing the Most Instagrammable Party

Now if you’re looking to throw the most instagrammable party, and you’ve found your venue, whether it’s Lulu Wild or not, it’s time to get to work planning the most instagrammable party of the season! This is the most entertaining part of the process and is actually fairly easy when it comes down to it. 

To help make sure you have some truly instagrammable decorations, you can hire event organisers who specialise in planning social media events or many venues have dedicated event organisers with a wealth of experience to help you out. They’ll help you develop instagrammable event ideas that include a fun theme, cool decor, and more.

Make the most out of visiting a gorgeous looking venue by playing up the area’s interesting architecture. You can strategically place food options and decorations in parts of the building that are the most instagrammable. 

On top of that, make sure that the theme of your party fits with the overall atmosphere of the location. That way, your Instagram party will really flow, and you’ll have an event that stands out.

Once again, an instagrammable event organiser will be able to help you with this. They can give you guidance on selecting the right decorations and making sure that your venue looks picture perfect. 

Visit Instagrammable Birmingham

With these tips, you’re ready to start creating the most picture-perfect grid in Birmingham. You’re all set for finding the best-looking venues in Birmingham so that you can celebrate, you won’t forget it with all the pictures you will be taking. Now you know how instagrammable Birmingham is, it’s time to plan your visit! You’ll be able to find the perfect venues in the area for planning a day of creating instagrammable bliss. If you’re ready to book your party or table at the prettiest venue in Birmingham, give the team at Lulu Wild a call. We’ll help you plan the perfect party in one of Birmingham’s most instagrammable spots.  Now, enough reading! It’s time to join me and get wild!  See you soon Wild Child x

Love lulu x