Lulu Wild - Award-Winning Chinese Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, Birmingham

Let's get wild
for a while...


Seductive cocktails born from a place of limitless creation. Lulu Wild roams free with no boundaries in what she can create. With a knowledgeable force on hand, driven from an adoration for innovation, our offering vows to ignite experiences full of thrills.


The Chinese cuisine is immersed in culture; dripping with ancient history and deeply rooted in China’s past. It has long been believed the idea of gastronomy is a powerful  example of kinship between fresh food and traditional medical beliefs. So we hold our dishes to the same high standard, a little bit of Lulu’s relishable medicine.


Brunch with Lulu is an adventure like no other. Boundless bubbles, cocktails created from artistic vision and Chinese plates expertly chosen from our menu; spend your weekend capturing the essence of your inner wild child. Get lost in Lulu.

Making of
Lulu Wild

Light up the dark skies of your evening or illuminate the days with exotic brightness. Feel entranced as you wander through the enigma that is Lulu Wild. Pairing dishes born from Chinese rich history, with cocktails created from artistic visionaries.