Chinese New Year at Lulu Wild | Year of the Tiger Cocktails & Set Menu

Chinese New Year

At Lulu Wild
The Year of the Tiger

Celebrating the Chinese New Year, is jubilation dedicated to ushering out the old Lunar year and inviting luck and prosperity into the new one upon us.
This year it is the year of the Tiger and to ignite the fortune found within us, we are dedicating our menu to the year of the Tiger. The Tiger is the king of all beasts in China, and is a representation of strength, removing evil entities and courage.

For those looking to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Birmingham, Lulu Wild is offering an event catered towards collecting an abundance of luck, whilst sharing this special occasion with loved ones.

Join us on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th February, from 7.30pm for the traditional Lion Dance.

Limited Edition Cocktail

Available from the 31st of January to the 28th February, enjoy our limited edition cocktail dedicated to the Chinese New Year, Year of the Tiger.

Enjoy a choice between “To Ganbei” and our Green-Go Iced Tea. Our Birmingham mixology team have created both dishes with a nod to the Chinese New Year celebrations this year.

To Ganbei means “to Cheers” a welcomed interaction this February. Made with a unique miture of white wine, honey, mirin and orange bitters.

Green Go Ice Tea represents the ceremonial drink used in all celebrations in China. A gin based cocktail with Mango & Green Tea flavours, garnished with mango fruit noodles to pay homage to the representation noodles has in the Chinese community – the length of the noodles signifying a long and healthy life.

3 Course Set Meal

Lulu Wild welcomes you to join her for a 3 course set menu this Chinese New Year. The Tiger zodiac is known for their passion, bravery and free spirited behaviour.

Our Kitchen Team have created a 3 course set menu available to enjoy from Chinese New Year’s Eve for a week long celebrations.

The menu is set to cater for celebrations of well wishes, good fortune and contemporary Chinese dishes full of artful sustenance. Dishes include firm favourites of Crispy Lotus Salad and Nyonya Lamb, as well as new welcomed additions such as Wasabi Prawn & Romaine Lettuce in Oyster Sauce.

Available Monday 31st January until the 28th February.

ⓥ / Vegetarian      🌱 / Vegan      💋 / Lulu Loves     (G) / Contains ingredients free from Gluten

Some of our Dishes on the menu contains allergens. If you suffer with any allergies or intolerances please speak to the duty manager about your requirements before placing your order.